• Machine automation:

                      We have a 10 member team of experts dedicated for machine automation as well as SPM’s

  • Process automation:

                   With an experience of more than a decade in the field of Process/Industrial automation, we provide the best in class service for a variety of industries to automate their existing system as well as setup new automated systems with the help of our team of 12+ qualified experts in Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Instrumentation, Automation, and Robotics.

  • Building management system:

                      We expertise in automation and maintenance systems for buildings such as our smart server fail/trip detection system used in MNCs campus which was designed by our team of 10+ Engineers and designers.

  • Embedded system development: 
    •  We have a 5 member dedicated team expertise.
    • Strong base in IOT platform and protocols.
    • Ability to design end to end IOT solution using AWS/GCP.
    • Expertise in mobile application development in Android and IOS.
    • Strong knowledge in Linux operating and Networking.
    • Deep knowledge in Python.
    • Hands on server side scripting languages like PHP, Shell, Perl etc…
    • Knowledge in SQL and Non SQL databasesExperience in Web applications and Windows applications development.
    • Expertise in embedded programming using Arduino, Raspberry pie, nodemcu, ESP 8266 etc...


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