To educate engineers in the field of Industrial Automation, with proper tools, in house and industrial training, thereby uplifting candidates to the latest and modern technology, enabling them to confidently work in the ever growing Industrial Automation sector.


 No educational Institution in India has full fledged Industrial Automation Course. All industrial automation companies have to recruit freshers, train them and then put them to any one field of automation, missing overview of automation.

The Opportunity:

Industrial Automation is a growing field and is not affected by any market
turbulence. The demand and supply for automation engineers are every day increasing. A six month course with us enables you to address and fill the demand and supply in the industry.

Courses Offered with hands on experience on basic programming, wiring, communication, troubleshooting and maintenance:

  • Level 01/1 (4 days duration)

Introduction to automation with PLC and SCADA (HMI).

  • Level 01/2 (5 days duration)

Introduction to PLC, VFD, Induction Motor, AC Servo Motor and Driver.

  • Level 01/3 (6 days duration)

Introduction to automation with Servos, PLC, Temp. Controller and SCADA(HMI).

  • Industrial Automation Certification Course – IACC (6 months duration)

This course consists of theory in basics of automation for 1 month, practical training on PLC, HMI, AC SERVO & DRIVER, VFD, TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER, SENSOR, ENCODER, COMMUNICATION MODULE, SCADA…etc for 2 months. After successful completion of 3 months in-house training, starts next 3 months on site project implementation. Candidates during this time will be working along with automation experts in various projects in different engineering Industries. This will enable aspirants to get in-depth knowledge on industrial automation practices, full overview of different working technologies, programming and commissioning. Our main attraction of IACC will be that we provide all automation hardware and software to each trainee and no two people will share hardware or software. We also provide 100% placement assistance for candidates passed out of this course.

  • Tailor Made Courses:

This will be designed as per requirement on various products and with flexible timings.